Review by Ray Michaels, TweakMASTER 2.0 Betatester

I tried tweakmaster pro 2.0 on three computers with Cable Internet access from Road Runner:

1) amd k6-2 450mhz

256 megs sdram pc-100
generic 32megs video card
10/100 ethernet card
20 gig hard drive
windows ME

2) amd thunderbird 2700+

1 gig ddr 400 mhz simm
radeon 9600 pro 128 megs memory
10/100 ethernet card
60 gig 7200 rpm IDE
40 gig SCSI 15000 rpm
windows 2000 pro

3) amd duron 750mhz

256 pc100 simm
generic 32 megs video card
10/100 ethernet card
40 gig 7200 rpm IDE
windows 98se

These are 3 distinctly different computers on a network. All hand built.

1) I installed tweakmaster first here since this is my oldest computer figuring lets see what it can do. First installation was simple and easy no problems during install. The wizard was straight forward and the help files were simple to read. Using optimization #2 from the wizard it worked smoothly with the following results:

My download speed normally averages 350kps upload around 75kps on my newer systems. But on this computer I couldn't achieve greater then 150 kps/40kps. Also found playing games online were having huge spikes of latency ( Ashen Empires, Unreal Tournament online) this was before tweakmaster was installed. Now the results. My speeds are now 300+kps/60 to 75kps at all times. Tremendously reduced lag for online games. I am not talking a little better, but EXTREMELY better. The change is outstanding. My 6 year old son wanted a new computer and he thinks I upgraded this computer is happy now as he browses the web and plays games with me online with little if any lag. Thanks for saving me some money. Well worth investing in this program. I have been running the program since I received it in betatest and compared to so called programs that speed up things.. they are not even in this league with tweakmaster.

2) This is my personal computer. Used exclusively for gaming. I had other programs installed on it to reduce and eliminate latency in games. And programs that optimized my experience online. No real success was found and I would say I spend over 150 dollars on these programs.

Well let me say I didn't think tweakmaster would be able to do much to this computer since it was fairly high end for gaming. Well again tweakmaster proved me wrong. I would obtain download speed of 350kps though not constant and upload speeds of 75kps, again not constant. My gaming experience included Unreal Tournament 2003, Ashen empires, Everquest, Red Alert, Warcraft 3 and a few others. For the most part I accepted latency as part of the gaming experience. Then I installed tweakmaster without problems once again but this time I figured it might be easy for me, so why not have someone who is not so computer experienced install it?

I asked my wife to install it on my computer and figure out what to do. I would say my wife is a novice and that's being nice. She was able to install it without flaws. She easily found the wizard since it popped up at her. Read over what each item did and found the help files simple and easy to understand. She used optimization #1 and rebooted no problems. Speeds now remain constant at 350+kps and 75kps. Latency is gone she also loaded a couple of games was amazed at how well the games now ran. She does remember my not so nice words while playing due to lag. She then asked "when can we install it on my computer?" A simple interface, easy to install and run found no glitches. I can't think of another product I need - tweakmaster provided all I needed.

3) My wife's computer. To say her experience online is slow is an overstatement. She suffers worst of all of us here. Latency is her friend now they are on first name basis. Nearly impossible to play are real games online. Loading pages you would think sometimes she was on dialup. None of the programs I had purchased helped in anyway. Well tweakmaster like a superhero came into the picture. We installed it on her computer and a miracle happened. She actually likes coming online now. The install was flawless. She used the wizard flawlessly. There is no real thinking in this program it does everything you need it to do on its own. You basically click ok or next and it does the rest. This program is great for novice users as well as advanced users. My opinion of tweakmaster: excellent program, does what it says it will do. Worth every penny it costs to register it.

My review may be long, but how can you not say EVERYTHING about this program? I loved it and will continue to use it.

Ray Michaels <>