Clicking on a mailto: link in a browser does not open a compose window, or results in an error message about the default mail client not being properly configured

Please follow the steps below to insure that all default mailer and mailbox settings have been set correctly.

First go into Internet Explorer, and in Tools | Internet Options click on the Programs tab. If Courier is not set as the default Email program, select it there and click OK. If it is already set as the default client, then select Outlook Express and click Apply, then re-select Courier and click OK.

Next, in Courier go into Mailbox | Properties | Mailbox Status page. In the section for Default Mailbox, click Change". Click Browse and browse to the folder where your default mailbox is saved, select it and click Open. Click OK twice to get out of the Properties settings.

You may also want to update your system to use the Courier MAPI component. This enables sending files from other programs (such as Windows Explorer) to a Courier Compose window. To do this, open Help | Courier MAPI Settings and make sure that "Enable Courier MAPI component on this system" is checked. That may require a reboot if it wasn't already checked and you check it. NOTE: If the MAPI Settings window does not open when selected, exit Courier, then restart Courier and try opening the window again.