Why can I only have one filter rule assigned to an account?

You can only have one filter definition assigned to automatically run for an account, but that definition can contain many individual rules.

Think of a filter definition as a book of actions you want to run against your messages. Just as a book contains multiple chapters that may cover different topics, a filter definition contains multiple rules that can look for different patterns and take different actions.

For many people, a single filter definition will be enough to filter their incoming mail. For more complex mail filtering though, you can create a separate filter definition for each account. You can even have a filter rule in a definition that, if triggered, activates another filter definition for the message currently being filtered.

The basic process for creating your filters is as follows:

  • Create a Filter Definition
  • Create the rules you want to use inside of the definition. Keep in mind that the order that the filters execute is critical.
  • Save the definition with your rules in it.
  • Assign the definition to the desired account(s) by right-clicking on the account in the account list, select Enable Filter and then select the Filter Definition from the context menu.