Importing Mail from Outlook Express

Courier allows you to import Outlook Express folders and messages into your Courier mailbox. All user-created folders within Outlook Express will be recreated within Courier. All messages will be placed in the following folders:

1. From the Mailbox menu, select Import Messages, then Microsoft Outlook Express.
2. Select the identity you wish to import the messages from and click OK
3. Select the Courier account to associate with the imported messages. You can also select where the imported messages and folders will be added.
4. Click OK to begin the import. Depending on the size of the Outlook Express message store the import process may take several minutes.

After the import is complete:

  • Messages in the Outlook Express Inbox will be placed in Courier's Received Mail folder.
  • Messages in the Outlook Express Sent Mail folder will be placed in Courier's Sent Mail folder.
  • Messages waiting to be sent will be placed in Courier's Pending folder.
  • Messages in user-created folders will be placed in a folder of the same name within Courier.