Importing Outlook Express Address Books

First you will need to export the Address Book from Outlook Express to a delimited file.

1. In Outlook Express, open the Address Book.

2. In the Address Book, select File | Export | Other Address Book.

3. From the Address Book Export To window, select Text File (Comma Separated Values), and click on the "Export" button.

4. Type a file name for the exported file (such as addexport.txt), and click on the "Browse button to select a directory for the exported file. Hint: use an easy to find location such as your desktop or My Documents folder.

5. In the CSV Export window select which fields you want to export. The default selections will work for most situations.

6. Click Finish. You will be prompted when the export has been completed.

The second step is to import the exported addresses into Courier.

1. In Courier, select Mailbox | Address Book | Import | Delimited File.

2. In the "Courier - Choose File to Import" window, click on Browse to find the file you exported in the previous steps. Highlight the file in the Browse window and select Open. The delimiter setting should be set as COMMA. If you want to include Group information when importing the file, check the box for "Add Address to Groups..." setting. Click Next.

3. Note that the Courier address book supports only a single mailing address for each contact. If you want to import business addresses for your contacts, select Outlook Express Business from the Pre-Defined Mappings drop down box. If you want to import home addresses for your contacts, select Outlook Express Personal from the Pre-Defined Mappings drop down box. This will arrange the field mapping in a standard format. Note that "File Field" represents the Outlook Express entries, and "Address Book Fields" represent the Courier address book fields. The default setting will create the Courier "Alias" from the contact's full name while mapping the Name field from Outlook Express to the Name field of Courier's address book. Click Finish.