Upgrading From Calypso

For a limited time, Courier Email can be registered for FREE for unlimited use. Your free registration for Version 3.x will never expire.

Register Now for Free

Please Note: The easiest way for us to generate a large volume of free registration codes is to use our exisiting registration service. In the web store just click on the "Buy" link for Courier. Unless you opt to purchase one of the other programs offered for sale you will not need to enter your credit card information at any point. You will need to use a valid email address in order for us to email you your free registration information.

To upgrade your mailbox from Calypso Email:

1. Install the new version of Courier.

2. Start the new version of Courier and open your mailbox. The Mailbox Conversion dialog box appears.

3. The Mailbox Conversion will upgrade your database structure. If your mailbox is located in the Mailbox subdirectory of the Calypso program directory, the new mailbox will be placed in the Mailbox subdirectory of the Courier program directory.

4. If you do not want to create a shortcut to the converted mailbox, clear the check box.

5. If you do not want to update all shortcuts to the old mailbox, clear the check box.

6. Click OK to convert the mailbox. The new mailbox retains all information and settings from the previous version.

7. If you wish to delete Calypso you can do so from the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs
applet or use Uninstall Calypso from the Start | Programs | Calypso3 start menu folder.