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TweakMASTER Rave Reviews

Rose City Software has registered users in the following 168 countries worldwide

Read what our users say about TweakMASTER...

"During the initial testing stage of our VPN project, we ran into issues with network settings. Our VPN solution is sensitive to the size of the packets when they hit our servers. When our users are using a high speed internet solution (DSL, Cable) the size of the packets were too large for our VPN solution to work. Packets would be dropped or hung during a session. We needed an easy to use product that would make modification of the MTU easy enough for any level of computer user to operate. After testing many free and for fee products, we found TweakMASTER the best for modify packet size. It is clear to understand, easy to change settings, and laid out for almost any user to operate. We feel that TweakMASTER is going to reduce the amount of time our consultants will need to work with users on this issue. The product is easy enough to document in our help documents and users to understand on their own."
Robin Manke-Cassidy <>
Arizona State University
Information Technology

"FINALLY!! One of those purported accelerators that really DOES what they say it will! I am TRULY IMPRESSED with this product and will mention it to all my cyber buddies!! Great speeds, no hassles.. What more can you ask for?? A thousand thanks, Tweakmaster!!"
Allen Hallengren <>
owner- Mercury Computer Systems
Greenville, Michigan

"I just got tweekmaster yesterday and I cant believe the difference..I cant keep up with my computer now..My downloads are unreal.."
Doug Metheny <>

"THIS IS GREAT! I use Optus@Home in Australia. I used to only get about 300KB/s from Microsoft and 400KB/s from the Optus@Home customer speed testing server. Now I'm getting around 800KB/S from Microsoft and 700KB/s from the customer data speed testing server! I even reached 1MB/s from Microsoft! I can't get over this massive speed increase."
Julian Bartone <>

"I have tried MANY so called speed enhancements to the internet before, but NOTHING is like TweakMASTER! Many tweaks to the registry have been futile (in comparison to this set-it-and-forget-it program). With the ease of use, simple wizard, and little extra's like the DNS accelerator, I just can't believe no one has come up with this sooner. Thanks Hageltech."
Conrad Brewer <>

"Now I know how the astronauts must feel at launch. I gave TweakMASTER the full test and went from an average of 661 KBPS to 3145 KPBS on FTP downloads and to 1222 KBPS browser downloads using a 11 meg binary zip as a test file. The added DNS Accelerator and Clock Sync add up to one great internet rocket to browse the 'net with. Without it, people are not surfing the net, they are crawling it. You don't know what you're missing until you try it."
Jim Dixon <>

"With TweakMaster I got download speeds of 305 Kbps ... that's better than a lot of T1 connections I've seen! Very straight forward user interface and the wizard couldn't have made it any easier to make the needed changes to really boost my connection speed."
Nick Rogers <>

"Used with my dialup connection and USRobotics V.90 modem, the wizard did all the work choosing the correct settings. TweakMASTER tripled my download speed from 4.1Kb to 12.6Kb!!! I loved the increase."
Lynda Evans <>

"I have tried nearly all connection and speed-improving software available in today's software market (TweakDun being my favorite purchase up to now). Tweak Master is easier to use, more effective and simpler than all of those I have tried. At nearly every site I visited before and after using Tweak Master I noted a considerable difference in both upload and download speed."
T. J. Gill <>

"Everything works perfectly with Compuserve 2000 v6.0. TweakMASTER ACTUALLY does what it says it will do. I have tried many others that claim to "help boost your internet." You guys actually have done it!"
Zander Schwartz <>

"I downloaded TweakMASTER and found no problem running it it on my Pentium 2 with Windows ME and a 56K dialup connection here in Yugoslavia. At first I let Wizard optimize my system and saw real download improvement for about 30%. After reading help you provided and having some hard time understanding it (especially Internet Connection optimization), I changed MTU value using MTU probe, from 576 to custom 1470 and found even greater improvement. Thanks a lot!"
Marcetic Vladimir <hram1@ptt.yu>

"On my 56K dialup connection, my browsing speed increased about 20% to 50% depending on the site. Installation was very easy to follow and fast, without any problems. TweakMaster is loaded with useful features!"
John Wagner <>

"TweakMaster keeps the promises you made. It optimized my internet connection though it had been optimized already by another program (see report for comment). The TweakMaster is easy to use and - which is even more important - successfully improved my i-net connection. Congratulations - on this great program!"
Markus Schwarz <>

"This program has doubled my download speed from an average 3.5k/s to a new average of 5 - 6K/s...with a "High Point" of 12.6k/s. This was using the default setting for Windows. The program is very "point and click"...very easy to follow and understand. Everything worked as promised! Overall...a great little program that I could not do without, having seen it in action!"
Dan Corkery <>

"I just did a clean install of Win98SE... and updated the OS using Windows Update with IE 5.5 SP2 & security fixes. With no other programs installed, I installed TweakMASTER and optimized for my ADSL connection 1024/256 using VPN using I recorded 3 test results:
   Before: 179, 226, 251 = Avg: 218
   After using TM (wizard): 714, 868, 795 = Avg: 792
That's +263% download speed on average! Very impressive!!!"
Arie Slob <>
Vice President, Information Systems
Rose City Software

"At first, I was skeptical about your really having a product that could deliver as promised - especially since I already had a fast, broadband connection that I couldn't complain about. Nevertheless, in certain cases (particularly with the larger file-sizes of 6 to 12MB), the differences in download speeds using TweakMASTER were easily discernable, providing an improvement from roughly 15 to 25%, and even as dramatic as almost doubling the download speeds! Windows Media files also loaded faster than before. I would estimate that TweakMaster helped me enjoy at least a 50% improvement in loading-time for pages on certain websites... many pages loaded INSTANTLY! In fact, loading subsequent pages from one site happened so fast that it took me a second to realize that the page's content had actually already changed! If I blinked my eyes, I could easily miss the transition altogether! All I could say was "WHOA!" Very, VERY impressive!"
Doug Westerkamp <>

"I have installed TweakMASTER and I am amazed at it's ease of use and the install. It installed effortlessly. I like the interface, very clean and easy to read. The reason I am impressed is because I use a free ISP and it still improved my page downloads as well as downloading files. I think you have a winner here."
Glen Hildebrandt <>

"I have a very slow 56k dial up connection. With default receive window set to 4288 I got about a 1 kb increase in my downloads, usually about 2kps, now 3kbs (50%). Doesn't seem like much unless you are the one sitting here waiting on a 4 mb download to complete. I would definitely recommend others to give it a try."
Bill Terry <>

"About a year ago I installed one of the other web optimisers which created a problem for my machine, and I have not been able to use multiple requests on the TCP/IP protocol ever since. This created problems as my poor machine is the server for my home based network and only 2/3 tcp/ip sessions were possible without errors. TweakMASTER reconfigured certain of those (things that I was unable to find in the registry) and the problem has been resolved. It has performed flawlessly, and the time sync option has been a godsend addition for my machine which has a minor Y2K bug in the bios that causes it to be unable to track time when the machine is switched off."
Kevin Caine <>

"The program is simple to use and I like how the settings are done automatically. Internet pages loaded dramatically faster after Tweakmaster changed the settings. I feel this program will help users to get optimum performance from their dsl connections. The program is foolproof so that users with limited computer knowledge can operate and maximize their internet with no problems."
Ron Kremble <>

"As near as I can tell your TweakMaster is a winner. I downloaded with it and without it. I see as high as 300% increase in speed. Thanks for letting me test it."
Bob McGrew <>

"Using TweakMASTER, I completed a 500 MB download using a 33.6 modem, maintaining 3.9kb/s throughput. In the past I have considered myself lucky if I could maintain a 3.4kbs average. and ISP connections have been improved thanks to the TweakMASTER adjustments. I like this tool, it is small and fast and functional. In the past I have used other optimizers but this works as well or better and requires fewer resources. I found a lot of web pages appear to load faster after using this program, and am continuing to study the different settings. Easy to use, also! DU Meter v3.0 is a great tool, as well."
Walt Frazier <>

"The program has performed as described. I have noted an obvious and measurable increase in both the download and upload speeds since installation. Web pages in general took form more quickly and much more smoothly than before. These improvements were sufficient to draw comments from my friend, who also has access to this computer, but was unaware of the cause for the improvement. TweakMASTER is smooth, seamless and works as described - the way a utility should."
David Gray <>

"Installed and ran the wizard for DSL, I logged into an FTP site from which I frequently download music. The server is located about 10 miles from me, and thus is only a couple of internet hops away - pretty good test of my overall internet throughput. In short, the download absolutely flew! I was consistently averaging nearly 640K (my service is capped at 768K, but as I am nearly 18,000' feet from the CO I've never seen that speed). This was approximately 10% to 15% better than my previous best experience downloading from that server. I tried another FTP with similar results. Very impressive!"
Eric Salmassy <>

"I got an increase of 20% with the default settings.The host file has the best setup I have seen and worked better than any I have tried in the past. Overall I would say this program is very well designed. It was a pleasure to test."
John Carlson <>

"Very good - gained an average of 50K downstream compared to WIN2K default TCP/IP settings. Comparable to DR. TCP but without any apparent bugginess."
Kevin Riley <>

"I tested my download speed and made one download of 1.8Mb without TweakMaster installed at 86Kb /sec and then with it installed the same download came through at 168Kb /sec !!! A phenomenal difference! I can tell that the connection is faster without DU Meter but this confirms the gain in speed. I especially like the fact that it is so simple to operate just using the wizards. I am still amazed at the difference it makes to my connection in spite of the fact that DSL is so fast on its own."
Nigel Forge <>

"Using TweakMASTER with my cable modem I was about to increase my already very fast download speeds about 75%!"
Dana F. Greenwood Sr. <>

"Installed under Win 2000 Pro worked fine using a dial-up connection with a 56K modem. After initial adjustments, I don't see much improvement in download speed, but with DNS Accelerator I return to pages previously visited much faster."
Michael Broomfield <>

"Overall I was very impressed by this program. With Windows XP (RC2), and a Cable Modem Connection, when accessing files downloads via http, overall I saw anywhere between and 10-30% speed in download speed, when averaged across several attempts. On-line games played much smoother, and thanks to TweakMaster's DNS feature, web page loads were anywhere from two to three times faster. TweakMaster performs its task well. In a word: FANTASTIC!!!!"
Chris Falco <>

"I installed TweakMASTER on my three systems all connected to the internet with a highspeed cable modem...
* My personal machine was already tweaked but when your program adjustments were applied there was a slight improvement in speed and decreased latency.
* On this second computer the speed increase and latency reduction was quite noticeable. after applying the changes i asked my wife to browse and use the internet and she remarked "wow did u do this?" i explained the program did that :)
* slower computer made internet super fast. i was unable to play games online with this computer but after applying the settings games was easily enjoyable, my speed increased tremendously and also the latency was near nil.
I enjoy this program alot. in a few short moments i was able to increase my cable internet speed and decrease the latency of the connection. it was super easy to install and unistall. it did what it said it would."
Raymond Michaels <>

"my cable connection speed seemed way too slow. i downloaded files from 4.8KB/sec up to 11.2KB/sec before Tweakmaster. 5 minutes later i was downloading @ 180KB/sec. Best five minutes i ever spent. thanks."
Matt Henley <>

"My connection prior to your program was running at a little bit quicker than 56k... this was considerably slow for what was supposed to be a fast cable connection. After your program I ran my computer on bandwidth place and my connection was rated at 2.48 megabits per second and stored data context at 303 kilobytes per second, BIG DIFFERENCE!!!!"
Glen Fitzgerald <>

"Downloaded the trial version yesterday, having previously only got DL of approx 5kB/sec. 'Out of the box' I got 7.1kB/sec; tweaked MSS to 4* and got 9.5; tweaked MSS to 6* and got a whopping 15.7kB/sec!! Tried to alter MTU (from 576) but got no further improvement. A wonderful product - I'll be buying it! Thanks!!!"
Paul Lowe <>

"This is a must have for everybody! This software is so freakin cool! I have AOL 5.0 which is kinda slow at times and it speeds it up tons! I am planning on buying it."
Josh Garcia <>

"Hello there! my name is Faizal from Malaysia. I just downloaded your tweekmaster from and I've tried it. Ohhh It very impressive. I 've tried more than 10 internet tweeking programs / softwares but this one had change my perception towards internet tweeking program.... congratulations!!! Keep up your very good work."
Faizal <>

"TweakDUN program didn't seem to do much. I have tried a few since then that employed different schemes, most of which was "smoke and mirrors." It is still unsure that it does anything for this 56K connection, but one thing is certain and that is the pages load faster. "Tweak Master" is a throwback to the zenith of Shareware when excellent programs were written and the fee charged was minimal. That is one reason it was purchased without the normal time test that this "Shareware Savant" usually gives any program that shows promise."
Frank Thurber <>

"Tweakmaster enables me to access sites that I couldn't access before. I use Netscape 4.1 and my high-speed provider is Sympatico. I could not access or, for example. I also could not use Internet Explorer - kept getting invalid page faults. However, when I downloaded and installed Tweakmaster, these sites were now accessible to me and I was able to use Internet Explorer. When I got an "expired" notice, once again the sites I mentioned became inaccessible and IE was useless. When I downloaded and installed v1.50, those problems went away again. Now my trial version has expired and I feel I cannot live (on the Internet, anyway) without Tweakmaster, so I have purchased it and I am very pleased."
Jim Upper <>

"Your product is great... I noticed a dramatic improvement in the performance of my ADSL connection. I will definitely recommend your products to my clients."
Frank Ricci <>
President ACNI Technologies Ltd.
Quebec, Canada

"I just got this piece of software, and I am trying it now for the first time... IT IS GREAT!! Everybody surfing needs this! Greetings from Norway."
Per Arne Tangen <>

"I used the CNET speed test. Before: 383 kbps. After: 1483 kbps. The test result never exceeded 400 kbps before. The last two tests I ran recorded 2000 Kbps and 1854 Kbps! I had used a download speed optimizer before, and tried one or two of the PC Magazine recommendations. I use a Javascript script that starts several Internet windows, each loading a different web page. Brutal test, huh?? It seems to finish much sooner than I remember it ever did. Web pages with images seem to load in no time!"
Samuel Campbell <>

"We have a cable modem and are using TweakMASTER with great results (doubled our speed). The clock is a nice touch our computer in the kitchen loses time like crazy, now the time is current."
Ronald Martin <>

"This is the first product I've tried that actually does what it say it will do. It makes it easy to get optimum performance from your computer. I tried it, liked it and bought it. Thanks!"
Todd Orman <>

"I download the Tweak Master Pro trial version. I have Ameritech DSL and my usual downloads are 86kb/sec. When i used Tweak Master pro i found the same download to be 456kb/sec. THATS SUPER FAST!!!!!!!!! DSL is fast enough as it is, but thats very fast and i got the program in 2 seconds. It's the BEST program outhere. I download many programs and NONE of those are as good a TWEAK MASTER PRO!!!"
Darius Cius <>

"This is the best booster i have ever seen!! It took my 10kbps connection and boosted it like it sent my computer in orbit!!!!!! 70kbps!!!!!!!!!!! Madness! downloaded a file before i got tweekmaster and it went 2.25kbps after Tweak Master, 45kbps!!"
Paul Gerd <>

"I Had Windows default settings, went to Microsoft Update and started a 9mb critical update download and watched in DuMeter as it wouldn't go over about 712kbps on download. I cancelled download, used the first setting in optimization wizard, rebooted, went back and started same download and rate jumped to 2.72mbps. Nice work on Tweakmaster. I went back and downloaded media player 7.1 and rates were as high as 4.72mbps with same settings!"
Marvin Aultman <>

"There are so many Internet Accelerators around these days which promise so much, yet offer so little in speed enhancements. I downloaded TweakMASTER from Tucows, who had given the product a 5-cow rating, as I decided there was nothing to lose anyway. On my dial-up downloads, speeds increased from around 3.8Kb to 6.9Kb/sec., an increase of 81.58%! I am sold on TweakMASTER, have joined the Affiliate program, and will actively promote and recommend it to my friends and clients."
Dave Quail <>

"I wish to express my compliments for the excellent work you have been doing creating TweakMASTER. It offers an excellent performance and I am very satisfied. On my 2 MB ADSL line throughput has improved dramatically after tweaking the Windows 2000 settings with the help of your program, and most important, avoiding the rather delicate task of interacting directly with the various parameter of the Windows Registry."
Herbert Horn <>
Herbert Horn Consulting

"We recently set up a new Internet via Satellite service for the UK market, during initial testing we were having speed and consistency problems when we connected to the service using a standard 56Kbps modem, we tried for days to resolve the problems, with little success. We decided to give TweakMASTER a try, and what a result. Within a matter of seconds, we had consistently high speeds of over 60KB/s. Thanks TweakMASTER you saved our service!"
Steven Matthews <>,

"Okay, so you've read all the reviews for Ispeed (not bad), Cablenut (doh) , Minispeed (weird) Internet Rocket (my God, avoid that like the plague) etc, and they are very mixed yes? The reviews for Tweakmaster say it's excellent, without a doubt. I would have to agree. I can't get cable or ADSL in my area yet, so I'm stuck with trying to get the most out of my dial-up. I connect at 52k or 54k most of the time (BT only actually guarantee 28k) which is okay, and my average download time is 4.1k. After Tweakmaster had got its hands on my settings I was getting 5.5k or 5.8k, with 11k peak when opening connections to pages. The problem with other types of these tweakers is that they do blanket changes in your registry, and you can suddenly find your machine's local network settings has tiny packet sizes and you can't connect to your network. I'm just rambling now, but after HUNDREDS of reboots with other programs I can categorically state this is the best tweaker I've tried. I just need to register it now because my trial is about to expire!"
Mr Happy <>

"After running through the various optimization strategies and using as a benchmark a very graphics intensive site which I frequently go to, I was AMAZED at the results. On the SAME computer, what had previously taken perhaps 15 seconds was now reduced to less than TWO SECONDS. It was nothing less than AMAZING. Who needs DSL?"
Bert Solomon <>

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Rose City Software has registered users in the following 168 countries worldwide

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