Australian Computer Trader
Australian Computer Trader - April 25, 2003

Keeping track of your bookmarks/favourites in your Web browser can become really difficult if you have a long list of saved URLs. Because it is such a common problem, there are a couple of software packages available to make the job easier and one of the most popular is LinkStash from Rose City Software. Just released is version 1.5, designed to work with IE, Netscape, and Opera browsers, using a familiar Explorer-style interface for familiar navigation. LinkStash now also features a secure encrypted password safe with complete automated password control for automatic website logon. You can organise all your saved URLs in one compact bookmarks file and store the passwords for each site. Logging on with a password is then a single stroke operation. You will surely come to depend on LinkStash once you start using it and you can start from
John O'Halloran <>