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Customer Update   -   This eZine also online here      September 15, 2009

Dear Rose City Customer,

Well for many in the Northern hemisphere, Summer is over, the fall is nearly upon us and it's time to start thinking about work, school and then we'll be getting ready for the holidays!

Time to dust the cobwebs off the ole PC and get er tuned up for fall, and we have some great tools to help you here at Rose City Software. In our last newsletter we told you about DiskMagik 3.0, the latest release of our one of top-selling performance tools. If you got that one, you are almost certainly enjoying faster smoother computer performance with a automatically defragmented hard drive.

This month, besides our latest cool free tool, we're featuring a special deal on the just released, long awaited upgrade for TweakMASTER, our top selling Internet Optimizer for 10 years running! This is TweakMASTER 3.0. Now back for the first major upgrade in three years and guaranteed to work better with all versions of Windows including the new Windows 7, with new tweaks for wireless and broadband to help everyone extract the most from their internet connection.

Registered users of TweakMASTER are entitled to a 40% discount upgrade; as explained below.

You can choose between the standard version of TweakMASTER or the PRO version. Both can be tried for free for 30 days. And as we have been doing for the past year or so, the standard version may be registered for free through a special offer with one of our participating sponsors, or you can purchase it straight up or buy the PRO version at a special discount.

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- Special free software offer!
- Rose City Software Update info
- Windows Update Information -
from Microsoft Update Center.
- Windows Tips and Tricks -
The latest from Windows-Help.NET


This month's fr-eeee software offer
With each edition we will try to bring you a useful software program you don't have to pay for... just as we have done in previous months. Some are direct from Rose City and some are great toys and tools we have discovered elsewhere that we think you will like!

This month, we have a handy free tool called Converticon. This is a simple icon creator utility. Now you can get rid of those ugly meaningless generic icons on your desktop and replace them with images of your own choosing. Converticon can import ICO, PNG, GIF, and JPEG formats and export to high-quality PNG or ICO files. There is no software to download, it's fun to do, and it's 100% free to use.

Just visit the Converticon website and click 'Get Started'. This brings up a Windows dialog to select the photo or image you wish to convert. Or just use Google Image search to find a picture of your favorite toy, cartoon character, etc. Then just use the drop down arrow at the bottom by 'Files of Type' to select either the JPEG or GIF you want to convert.


Click 'Open' which brings up the image you are converting, then choose 'Export' to save it as an icon or .ICO file. That's all there is to it!

Once you have exported your photo or other image to an .ICO file, all you need to do is rightclick on the icon you wish to change and choose properties, and there on the 'Shortcut' or similar tab click the 'Change Icon' button, navigate to your new file and click OK and it's done! You can now click on your boyfriend or girlfriend, your dog, or whatever you like every time. Sure to bring a smile to your face this fall :-)

Converticon is easy to use. Just visit the Converticon website and have fun!

And for lots of other cool free tools please check our website.

But first, read on for some other great software specials and tips...

  Rose City Software was a Top Shareware Industry Award Winner 2003, 2005 and 2007 Rose City Software Update Info

New releases and updates this year:
(As shown on the Rose City 'what's new' page)

TweakMASTER - 9/4 - v3.02 - Minor update to the Major upgrade 3.x to the finest internet optimizer utility available!

DU Meter - 9/4 - v4.16 - minor update to this indispensable utility

TradeTrakker - 9/4 - v2.80 - minor update to this popular investment tracking tool

DiskMagik - 8/4 - v3.6 - New release of the award winning defrag utility - free for registered users

Identity Pro - 4/14 - new software to help protect your identity onlinel

PocoMail - 4/07 - v4.8 - The Internet's Premiere Email Software - the long awaited successor to Courier Email

New freeware listings - new freeware listings added regularly.

Double your Download speeds with TweakMASTER Introducing TweakMASTER PRO 3.0:
Nothing will speed up your downloads and web surfing like TweakMASTER PRO

TweakMASTER Pro is the original Internet Optimizer which started it all back in the late 90's and has been continually updated ever since, the only software of its kind to make this claim. TweakMASTER promotes faster Internet download speeds by intelligently tweaking numerous key Windows settings. Ideal for ALL types of connections including dial-up, cable, DSL, satellite, and wireless. Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 plus AOL.

TweakMASTER Pro also includes an innovative DNS Accelerator to help websites load faster, a Connection Speed Measurement tool, Network Connections Viewer, Ping, Traceroute and Whois utilities, a network connections viewer, and a number of other useful tools. The TweakMASTERRO version also includes the current release 4.16 of our award-winning DU Meter network monitoring utility which alone sells for $25. Also included with Pro version 3.0 is LinkFox, previously sold alone for $25, which guarantees faster web surfing for everyone!

Using the simple Wizard, TweakMASTER Pro can easily double your download speeds and make 'Surfing the Internet' a truly exhilarating experience.

Special Offer for Rose City Customers only:

Get TweakMASTER or TweakMASTER PRO 3.0 for a limited time
for 25% off

That's $10 off the regular price of $39.95 for the Pro version!
To take advantage of this offer, please use this special coupon: 'RCS25NEWSLETTER'

Purchase TweakMASTER PRO at a 25% discount using our special newsletter coupon To take advantage of this special offer you can click on this special purchase link. The price will still be shown at the regular price of $39.95, but click on the 'BUY' button which takes you to shopping cart. Then when you click on the 'Checkout' button to proceed to where you are asked to enter your personal information, tthere is a field "Coupon". The word 'RCS25NEWSLETTER' should already be filled in, otherwise paste it in there, then when you proceed with your checkout, just prior to entering your credit card information, you will see the special price of just $29.95 has been applied.

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  Windows® Update Information

Windows Update Center You can always check your system for the latest updates from Microsoft® at

You will always hear about them first at our site at
Rose City Software or

There were several important Windows updates in the past couple months - here's one of the latest:


This security update resolves Vulnerability in JScript Scripting Engine Could Allow Remote Code Execution. Many websites uses Javascript so don't miss this one!

       Date Last Review: September 09, 2009

You can also read the pages from Microsoft for their security updates for September 2009

  free tips and tricks from (formerly Windows-Help.NET) with hundreds of troubleshooting pages for all versions of Windows Windows Tips and Tricks

You'll find hundreds of useful tips and tricks for every version of Windows at our own (formerly Windows-Help.NET).

Because we operate a Windows help site and help forums and we sell software to enhance the Windows platform, we are in a prime position to hear about many of the problems reported by average Windows users out there around the world. Many people are looking to improve the reliability, speed and effectiveness of their Windows machines... and that's where we can help.

Which edition of Windows 7 to consider buying or upgrading to
For Windows 7, the successor to Windows Vista, Microsoft has announced the SKU lineup and while the company says it will focus mainly on two editions: Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional; Microsoft offers a total of six different Windows 7 versions. This article at our own will give you some valuable tips on whuich edition is right for you.

And don't forget Rose City Software's two top performers for speeding up your Windows PC... whether it is XP, Vista or 7
Registry First Aid and DiskMagik

  Well, we could go on and on here... But why not stop by our website where you'll find links to all this and a whole lot more, absolutely free,from Rose City Software, "The Internet's Premier Software Center."

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