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Dear Rose City Customer,

Hope everyone had a great holiday season... Christmas, Hanukkah, whatever you celebrate, we hope it was a joyous holiday for you. We want to wish all our customers Happy New Year and to thank all of you for your support over the years. Time now for many of us to maybe try to shed a few excess pounds we picked up during the holidays, and also get back to business for the new year and also to be sure we are all operating at peak efficiency with our computers.

Computing efficiency is more than likely why you are a Rose City Software customer and newsletter subscriber... it's what we are all about. We try to bring you the best of the best applications for your PC to make sure it's all working optimally.

We've told you about Registry First Aid and DiskMagik in our previous newsletters, great maintenance tools to help keep your PC running at peak efficiency in different ways. We have another one for you this month. It is called Driver Genius, free for you to try, and you can read more about it below along with a special discount offer.

We also have another cool free tool for you... two actually, for the new Windows 7.

And talking about Windows 7, we have upgraded all our machines at Rose City Software and are pleased to report that Microsoft has a real winner with this one. So if you have been nervous about upgrading from Windows XP or can't wait to put Vista behind you, we can heartily recommend Win 7. And we have put together a whole page of special tips to help make your transition easier.

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Our newsletter always contains lots of tricks and treats as well as other special information from our parent site, Rose City Software, a very popular Windows Resource and Information Center &, including critical Windows update information, and useful Windows tips and tricks for Windows XP, Vista and the new Windows 7.

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- Special free software offer!
- Rose City Software Update info
- Windows Update Information -
from Microsoft Update Center.
- Windows Tips and Tricks -
The latest from Windows-Help.NET


This month's fr-eeee software offer
With each edition we will try to bring you a useful software program you don't have to pay for... just as we have done in previous months. Some are direct from Rose City and some are great toys and tools we have discovered elsewhere that we think you will like!

This month, we have two great freebies to tell you about. Both are popular antivirus applications and both are absolutely free. They do have "pro" versions which they may try to persuade you that you need to buy, but for personal use the home versions are completely free and perfectly adequate.

Two top free A/V choices these days are AVG and Avast.

AVG has recently released their new version 9.0, and the home version is free to use and works great. Avast is another excellent and highly recommended free option. Both work just as well or better than many of the expensive commercial A/V apps like McAfee, Symantec and Computer Associates.

So if your current paid subscription is due to expire soon, or if your new PC comes with a trial version of one of these, feel free to uninstall it from Windows Control Panel and install with AVG or Avast.

If you are somehow NOT using an antivirus application these days, well you must like living dangerously. One experience with a virus that wipes out your system in a few careless moments, will quickly make you realize the folly of your ways. And now with these excellent free options there is just no reason NOT to have one. Get it now and play it safe... and keep your friends safe as well.

There's no adware, no nag screens and no shortcomings that we have found. Try either AVG or Avast today!

And for lots of other cool free tools please check our website.

But first, read on for some other great software specials and tips...

  Rose City Software was a Top Shareware Industry Award Winner 2003, 2005 and 2007 Rose City Software Update Info

New releases and updates this year:
(As shown on the Rose City 'what's new' page)

Driver Genius - 12/08 - v9.0.0.186 - Latest update to the award winning automatic driver update utility

LinkStash - 10/22 - v2.0.13 - Latest update to the award winning bookmark manager and automated logon utility - free for registered users of v2.0

ClipCache - 10/22 - v3.4.3 - Latest update to the award winning - clipboard manager and text cleanup utility - free for registered users of v3.0

TweakMASTER - 9/4 - v3.02 - Minor update to the Major upgrade 3.x to the finest internet optimizer utility available!

DiskMagik - 8/4 - v3.6 - New release of the award winning defrag utility - free for registered users of 3.x

PocoMail - 4/07 - v4.8 - The Internet's Premiere Email Software - the long awaited successor to Courier Email

New freeware listings - new freeware listings added regularly.

Special Offer

For our newsletter subscribers, we have put together a special opportunity to get this highly acclaimed automatic driver update software, Driver Genius, for under 25 bucks.

Driver Genius is a great product now available from Rose City Software. It an easy-to-use, yet powerful driver update application. According to Wikipedia, 'In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.' And while the information presented there is pretty technical it makes it clear that faulty drivers can be a major cause of instability on your PC.

Outdated or faulty drivers can slow down your system and may cause numerous compatibility problems. They are the biggest hidden problem that causes systems to crash. They can also cause your PC hardware to operate slowly and malfunction, especially when you upgrade to a new OS like Windows 7 - or even sometimes with various Windows updates from Microsoft which may require driver updates. A complete set of suitable drivers can improve system performance by 50% or even more.

Now sure, you can go figure out what hardware you have in Windows Device Manager and you can visit the various manufacturer websites and download the drivers manually and install them. But this can be a tedious and time consuming process. Driver Genius can manage your system drivers automatically and keep them updated with the latest drivers from the various manufacturers. And bear in mind that updated downloadable drivers are always free, you just have to know where to find them and how to install them.

Driver Genius will not only locate and install drivers for you, it creates backups and makes it easy to restore if a new driver should cause unexpected problems.

You can try out Driver Genius now by downloading a free trial version.

Special Offer for Rose City Customers only:

Now get Driver Genius from Rose City Software for a limited time
for only $24.95

Get Driver Genius from Rose City Software for only $24.95

To take advantage of this special offer you can click on this special purchase link using the special discount coupon ROSEDG5

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Click Here to view this month's humor, The Seinility Prayer...LOL !!!

And as a new feature this month, here's a link to the most amazing video of the week.

  Windows® Update Information

Windows Update Center You can always check your system for the latest updates from Microsoft® at

You will always hear about them first at our site at
Rose City Software or

There were several important Windows updates in the past couple months - here's one of the latest:


This security update resolves four privately reported vulnerabilities and one publicly disclosed vulnerability in Internet Explorer.

       Date Last Review: December 09, 2009

You can also read the pages from Microsoft for their security updates for December 2009

  free tips and tricks from (formerly Windows-Help.NET) with hundreds of troubleshooting pages for all versions of Windows Windows Tips and Tricks

You'll find hundreds of useful tips and tricks for every version of Windows at our own (formerly Windows-Help.NET).

Because we operate a Windows help site and help forums and we sell software to enhance the Windows platform, we are in a prime position to hear about many of the problems reported by average Windows users out there around the world. Many people are looking to improve the reliability, speed and effectiveness of their Windows machines... and that's where we can help.
If you have already upgraded or are planning to upgrade to Windows 7, which represents a big leap in user-friendliness over Vista, and many changes from XP, we've put together this special page with many different tips to help you make the transition smoothly:

Windows 7 Tips and Tricks

These are all little tricks we discovered when upgrading our own machines from XP and all represent important changes from XP. Vista may already have included some of the features so Vista users may already know some of them. Nevertheless we know there are still some tips Vista users will find helpful, and XP users can save many hours of hunting, searching and agonizing as you make your way through the learning curve in a brand new Operating System. Windows 7 is new, but it is also much improved and well worth the effort. We hope these tips and tricks will make the transition a lot easier for you. Our website should also be updated soon with many of these new tips and tricks.

And don't forget Rose City Software's two top performers for speeding up your Windows PC... whether it is XP, Vista or 7
Registry First Aid and DiskMagik. As mentioned before both apps are now Windows 7 compatible, If you are setting up a new system with Windows 7, you will want to have both of these essential utilities. In particular you should read the special section on the DiskMagik website pertaining to setting up your drives for maximum performance and minimum wear and tear.

  Well, we could go on and on here... But why not stop by our website where you'll find links to all this and a whole lot more, absolutely free,from Rose City Software, "The Internet's Premier Software Center."

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