Registry First Aid 5.0 Review
by Dr. Herbert A. Goldstein, Editor, Sarasota PC Monitor
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Sarasota PC Monitor Review

Registry First Aid 5
The Registry Cleaning King

The registry is the master puppeteer inside your computer. It is a massive database that controls the functions of your operating system and all your hardware and software. It is modified constantly as you use your computer. In time, the registry accumulates hundreds and often thousands of references that are no longer valid as you constantly change, add, eliminate hardware software or Windows itself. The problem all this creates is that in time the registry becomes over bloated and inaccurate, all of which degrades your computer's performance.

The problem becomes further complicated by the dangers involved when individual users attempt to edit the registry which can be worse than ignoring it totally. Either way, it leaves you with problems. In order to address these problems, there are a plethora of utilities that have been created to clean, upkeep and modify the registry. Unfortunately, most of them do more harm than good. Their major common shortcoming is that they attempt to clean the registry without informing you as to exactly what or why they are doing and all without your knowledge or permission. Over many years of dealing with registry utilities (sometimes with disastrous results) I have discovered only one that does the job safely, easily, and adequately...Registry First Aid, now in its even further improved, latest version 5.

Quoting the software publisher, RoseCity Software, here's what Registry First Aid (RFA) is designed to do: "Award winning Registry First Aid is the people's choice when it comes to registry repair. It now has a new interface and even defrags the registry making it smaller and faster. You'll be amazed at how many problems have accumulated in your system when you run the first scan. Color-coded results make corrections much easier for the beginner. You see exactly what can be fixed with any possible problems marked as green. Helps eliminate system crashes, software lockups and slow loading programs due to incorrect Registry entries left over from software installations & uninstallations that went awry. Registry First Aid fixes these problems by removing references that are no longer needed. Hundreds of these files bog down the registry, slow your computer and cause software to lock up."

With a single click, RFA will create a backup copy of your registry and then do a registry scan. When the scan is completed, you will get a full color-coded listing (with a check box before every item) as to what it finds, the exact reason it has included that item, and what it suggest you do. Items listed in green are prechecked as safe to follow the recommendations of RFA. Those in yellow require caution and are unchecked, permitting your perusal and selection. Those in red are also unchecked and should be either left alone or approached with great caution.

An extremely useful and unique feature offered by RFA is its selection of many items for modification rather than removal. For example, if it finds an item that has been moved rather than eliminated, it will discover where it currently belongs and will offer to move it to that location.

RFA's new version 5 offers a spiffy new interface and many functional improvements to an already excellent and superior product. It now provides for registry defragmentation for additional speed and functionality. It also offers fast registry search, backup, restore and user modification features.

You can find Registry First Aid for $27.95 at their website,