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Exclusive New Affiliate Program

Join our exciting new Affiliate program and start earning generous commissions immediately!
Read more below about the exclusive Rose City Enhanced Hosted Downloads System

Exciting New Affiliates Opportunity!

If you have a website, newsletter or other means of promotion, you can help us promote our award-winning software products and earn a typical 30% commission on all sales you help generate. Custom arrangements may be negotiated for high volume affiliates.

It's simple to become a Rose City Software Affiliate. Just take a few minutes and sign up as a Rose City Affiliate. Enrollment takes just a few minutes and then you can begin earning commissions for sales of any of our great titles at Rose City right away! This unique system automatically wraps the installation file so that when installed, your Affiliate ID number is automatically encoded into the software's purchase links. No other system goes this far to insure the Affiliate gets credit for the sale.

It's so easy to make big money with the Rose City Software Affiliate plan.

How it Works!

Once you have signed up as an affiliate and have your eSellerate Affiliate ID login information, you can sign up to be an affiliate for many of our top-selling software titles, like Registry First Aid, TweakMASTER, DU Meter, Tradetrakker, SynchroMaster, and DiskMagik, as well as ClipCache and LinkStash. There are two easy ways to proceed:

  Using the basic eSellerate system, you can download your Affiliate ID-tagged (EST) version of any of our great titles. Just proceed to download eST versions through your affiliate account if you are planning on hosting the files and landing pages yourself. This is ideal for big websites which are accustomed to building webpages and hosting files, and for purveyors of CD-ROM collections.

  Let us host your downloads for you using the ultimate eSellerate Hosted Downloads system. There you simply log on to your affiliate account at eSellerate and get your banners or special download links wrapped with your Affiliate ID which insures you get credit for each sale you generate. Or you can simply grab the link for the special landing page for each title which is also wrapped with your Affiliate ID.

Unique Tracking Features

Rose City Software offers the best Affiliate Program on the Internet, bar none! This exclusive affiliate technology will automatically hardcode your eSellerate Affiliate ID, assigned to you when you enroll in the program, into the purchase link in the software. This way if you offer one of our products as a trial download to others, this unique technology GUARANTEES that you will be recorded as the affiliate and will receive credit for the sales generated from your downloads, thereby insuring that you will receive the commissions due you.

Besides the hardcoded links in the downloaded software, eSellerate also now offers backup cookie tracking so even if your customer decides to use a link other than the buy link in the software to make his purchase, the cookies provide some additional insurance that each affiliate will receive credit for the sales attributed to their downloads.

Do not confuse this program with other so-called shareware affiliate programs which rely only on simple cookie tracking to get you credit for the sales you generate. There are just too many ways for the cookies to get munched, leaving you with only crumbs and no commissions. This exclusive new technology is much BETTER!

ESellerate also offers affiliates the option to promote our software for direct sale, instead of using the trial/shareware model. Some affiliates may find this produces more sales for their demographics and avoids the issue of needing to host the shareware downloads themselves. However, most affiliates will probably want to allow the customer to try it themselves first before ordering. This unique capability is a major advantage of our new affiliate program.

Online Reporting Directly to YOU!

Affiliate sales are tracked by our partner in e-commerce,, and once you sign up, you will receive full instructions how you can log on to their reports section as often as you like and check to see how your promotional efforts are repaying you. All payments are automatically handled by eSellerate as well, so you can check your monthly earnings against the online reporting to audit your account.

Our partner in e-commerce eSellerate, has all the informaiton for you on how their Affiliate Program works. For more introductory information on the exciting and unique new Affiliates opportunity, visit eSellerate's Affiliate Information page.

Promoting Your Affiliate Software

We have a landing page for each software in the affiliates program with various banners and graphics you can use. Or if you have artistic talents, feel free to create something yourself.

Remember, merely placing a banner graphic on your webpage does not in itself assure much in the way of sales. Good promotion generates good sales. You can link to our store where there is indeed a brief explanation of what the software does. However, it is intentionally kept very brief at that point. By actively promoting your affiliate software and linking to an actual landing page for the software, you can give your website visitor more information and persuade him to download or purchase the software for himself.

This is where the exclusive affiliate landing pages (explained above) shine. Just link to us and we take care of the rest!

That's all there is to it! It costs you nothing to join, there is no risk and it works! Why not recommend our great shareware products to your friends? They'll thank you for helping them improve their computing productivity, and you'll make money on every sale!

Download eST versions through your affiliate account if you are planning on hosting the files and landing pages yourself. Once you have signed up as an affiliate and have your eSellerate Affiliate ID, you can go login to your account at eSellerate and grab your links there.

Responsible Affiliate Promotion

No spam allowed! NOTE: We encourage creative ways to promote our software and there are many. But Spam is specifically disallowed by the Affiliate Agreement you must agree to. If you are found guilty of sending unsolicited email (SPAM) to promote our software, your affiliate status with eSellerate will be immediately terminated, you will no longer be eligible for participation in our affiliate program and any money credited to your account will be confiscated.

Getting Started:   1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

  1. Sign up with esellerate and become an affiliate.
  2. Learn more about which apps you may wish to be an affiliate for from our website
  3. login to your affiliate account at eSellerate and obtain your customized Affiliate links from them (for TweakMASTER, DU Meter, Registry First Aid, Tradetrakker, SynchroMaster, DiskMagik, ClipCache or Linkstash) or download eST versions through your affiliate account if you are planning on hosting the files and landing pages yourself.
  4. From the list below, visit our product information pages, which will link you to all the information you need for each product available in our affiliate program. Then decide on a course of action for promoting the software

Remember, if you are planning to take the direct sale approach rather than offering trial versions of our software, you simply need to get your Affiliate ID-tagged purchase URL from eSellerate for each product you want to be an affiliate for, and use the direct sale sample affiliate pages linked from each product information page above.

If you have further questions about our affiliate program, please contact

or simply visit eSellerate's Affiliate Information page for information about the basic system, payments, tracking and so on.


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