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The ultimate bookmark/favorites manager and password management tool

LinkStash selected as Spotlight of the week at Microsoft Windows User Group! LinkStash is an outstanding bookmarks/favorites manager which works for all later versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera. Just 5 minutes with LinkStash and we are betting you will never want to use the IE favorites, Opera or Firefox bookmarks again! Note that although you will find LinkStash far more convenient to use to manage a substantial list of favorites, you can still use Internet Explorer's favorites to visit certain websites if you wish, for example, a short list of sites you visit most frequently. And Linkstash 2.x now supports full synchronization on demand between the two.

Available either as an installed utility which fully integrates with your browsers, you can also get the portable version so you can take your bookmarks with you on a USB flashdrive and use them anywhere you sit down at a computer. Now take your bookmarks (and password logons) with you everywhere you go... to work, school, library, you name it.

LinkStash combines the functionality of a top notch bookmark manager with complete automated password control. Store all your passwords safely and securely encrypted in LinkStash, protected by a master password. Now a single configurable keystroke can fill one, two or even three fields automatically on any website which requires a logon, once you have stored the information in Linkstash. LinkStash also maintains a master list of username/passwords with the extra protection of a password required every time you open that master list.

Download a Free trial now!
LinkStash is fully compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP available for free 30-day trial download with no limitations.

Buy now in a secure online transaction
Buy now in a secure online transaction

LinkStash has many other great features. LinkStash will open and close with your browser, and using LinkStash means you can store and organize all your favorite links in a familiar Explorer-style tree arrangement. With fields for comments (which can also be used to store website passwords), your own rating system, date last visited, and so on, links can be easily edited, maintained and kept up to date. You can make your bookmarks visible and easy to find by using color highlights. A fully customizable toolbar allows you to arrange all your favorite commands in a sensible, custom arrangement of your choice.

And brand new in v2.x is the exclusive "Dead Link Check" which will help you maintain your bookmarks in up-to-date status and locate and help update links which have changed.

  Designed by Xrayz Software, the creators of the remarkable award-winning utility ClipCache Plus, this is an indispensable tool for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000.

Look at all the Internet awards this must-have web surfing utility has won:

Comments from LinkStash users

"I've been looking for a Great Internet bookmark manager for many years. One that handled comments and worked with whichever browser is my default browser. Well LinkStash is that and more. Not only does it do these things but it has more options than you can shake a stick at. The learning curve is zero. A complete idiot will be able to use it and see the benefits of LinkStash right away. Here is another feature that is really cool. It can store passwords for web sites and then enter them into a pages form when you need them. Really nice feature."
Michael Dulin
"As manager of several large websites and portals I have a collection of 10000+ bookmarks and favorites across several browsers. I find the favorites facility in Explorer completely unusable and had used the old Navigator 3 browser because of it's far superior bookmarks manager. Given the age of Nav 3 though, this was becoming unworkable. I had tried many 3rd party managers and found some had hopeless interfaces, others just couldn't cope with the volume I was importing or lacked features that I needed. LinkStash solved all of my problems bringing my Netscape bookmarks and Explorer favorites together, allowing me to group, categorise and delete duplicates. Thanks LinkStash for transforming what was quickly becoming a nightmare into a dream!"
Steve Walsh <>
"This is one of the slickest little utilities I have run across, and I've tried a lot of them. I never realized how handy it would be to keep all your bookmarks organized, until I did it. I love it!"
Edward Rack <>
LinkStash is a wonderful tool for managing the bookmark for all important browsers of today. Downloading the Setup-Program is easy and fast and the Installation is also fast and easy to understand. The Installation- Wizard explains everything the user needs to know when working with this software for the first time.
Stefan Petersen <>
Here's a current review of the latest version of LinkStash published in the Australian Computer Trader in Melbourne

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LinkStash Features

Below are just a few of the many handy benefits LinkStash offers (new features in v2.0 and later marked with ***):
  • See popup window for all the changes in v2.1

  • Fully compliant with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP.

  • All bookmarks are kept together in one single file, easily fitted on the average floppy diskette. This means your bookmarks are easily portable and can be taken to and from work, and easily synchronized between computers

  • *** New in v2.0 is a Portable version to run on portable drive (e.g USB pen drive.) - this now affords total portability to use with any Windows PC

  • Import your current bookmarks/favorites from all the recent versions of Internet Explorer, Opera and Netscape/FireFox.

  • *** Full synchronization on demand capability now with IE favorites.

  • *** Bookmark URL checker (dead link check) ro maintain all your bookmarks up-to-date.

  • Fully searchable with smart 'search capability'. Search Results are now conveniently displayed in a search results folder. These can be copied, edited, highlighted, moved, etc.. You can even sort the Search Results by URL, rating, tag, comment, etc., or search within the search results using Find Next.

  • *** Many search, sorting and security updates

  • Organize your bookmarks easily and efficiently using drag and drop, a configurable keystroke or the handy toolbar buttons in LinkStash or on the Internet Explorer toolbar. Sort on any column header.

  • Folders can be organized into any custom order by drag and drop. Previously, the folder list was permanently sorted alphabetically. Your custom order can be retained using the new command View > Arrange Bookmarks By > My Order

  • Linkstash now combines the functionality of a top notch bookmark manager with complete automated password control. Store all your passwords safely and securely encrypted in LinkStash, protected by a master password and enter complete username/password information on any web site login page with a common configurable keystroke!

  • Deleted bookmarks are moved to a Deleted Bookmarks folder enabling you to retrieve them should they be accidentally deleted.

  • Store rich-text information for each bookmark, such as comments and ratings.

  • No more wading through the aggravation of endless cascading menus. LinkStash has total recall as to the collapsed or expanded condition of your bookmark folders and subfolders. If you shut down your computer with LinkStash open to your Music folder, next time you open it again it will be right back in the same folder. And you can collapse all or expand all folders/subfolders at a single click!

  • Automatic duplicate checking helps prevent you adding the same URL twice. You can check your bookmarks for duplicated URLs at any time.

  • Make those important bookmarks stand out. Using LinkStash highlights you can set visual traits such as background colour and font style for each bookmark. You can do the same for folders too.

  • LinkStash uses far less disk space to store your bookmarks than IE (Internet Explorer). This is because IE stores each bookmark as a separate file, which means wasted space because each bookmark will be at least the size of one cluster, 4KB for example (as much as 32KB for each one in Windows 95!) Here's a typical example: for 531 bookmarks, IE uses a minimum of 2.14MB storage space, while LinkStash uses just 72KB.

  • LinkStash keeps multiple backups of your LinkStash bookmark file ensuring your bookmarks are safe.

  • Email all your bookmarks to a friend, directly from the LinkStash File menu.

  • Configure LinkStash's toolbar with any of dozens of handy toolbar buttons.

  • Publish your bookmarks on a website by exporting your bookmarks directly now as an HTML file

  • Print your bookmark folders in a configurable printing setup (new in v1.1)

  • LinkStash ships with hundreds of useful bookmarks, from books and florists to sports and travel.


LinkStash main window - click to see full size

add-bookmark dialog screenshot

Download locations:
There's a 30 day free trial without limitation.
After purchase you will be issued a serial number
to register it for unlimited use.

Download locations:

LinkStash - English
        [1.05 MB ]

LinkStash- English *
        Portable [ 763 KB ]

* IMPORTANT: To install the portable download the self extracting exe, click "RUN" to install it, and change the location to where you want to unpack the contents to. Then transfer these contents over to your USB drive or where ever you want to run the portable version from. Both use the same license, so you can purchase either one and use both.

purchase this software online - CLICK HERE If you've read enough and want to purchase your registered copy of LinkStash right for just $24.95 with a 30 Day money-back guarantee, you can make a secure credit card transaction instantly online from Esellerate. Whether you just go ahead and buy it now, or try out the shareware version first, we know you will really enjoy managing your bookmarks/favorites with LinkStash.

Upgrade to LinkStash 3.x (from v2.x) - click on the link to qualify for an upgrade discount

LinkStash was developed by XRayz software. For LinkStash Support questions, contact contact XRayz Technical Support


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