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Registry First Aid is the original and finest Registry Repair tool available anywhere!
Clean, Tune-up and Fix*your PC registry for FREE
Start FREE Registry Scan Now!
Version: 9.3.0
Supported Operating Systems
Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003 and 2008
32-bit and 64-bit
Registry First Aid is the people's choice for registry tune-up and repair.

Registry First Aid won the People's Choice Awards at the Shareware Industry Awards in 2003 and 2005 If you are having problems with your computer or just want it to run faster and more reliably, the Microsoft Windows Registry is the place to start. So if you want to keep it fine tuned & error free, and maximize your PC performance, you've come to the right place.

Download our FREE trial and see how many problems are already in your registry causing your computer to slow down and become unreliable. See how easy it can be to repair your registry and tune up your system in a matter of minutes!

Download a free trial of Registry First Aid now!   Purchase online now with a credit card and get instant delivery!

Registry First Aid - keep your PC fast and reliable!For Beginners and Advanced Power Users, this is the tool for you!
Registry First Aid's unique design makes it the choice of Beginners as well as Advanced Power Users when it comes to usability and power. The ability to display safe items for beginners makes it as safe as it can get. The Power Users will love Registry First Aid's ability to ferret out and show you the deepest registry problems presented with choices on how to fix them making this the best registry repair tool available for the power users too.

Beginners and power users will find that we have the best technical support that you will ever find if you see anything that needs to be explained when using Registry First Aid.

Download our FREE trial and see how many problems are already in your registry causing your computer to slow down and become unreliable. See how easy it can be to repair your registry and tune up your system in a matter of minutes!

Has this happened to you? Tired of Windows crashing? Sick of having software lock up on you or taking forever to load? The problem could be all of those incorrect registry entries caused by software installations and un-installations that went awry!

With regular use most personal computers develop large numbers of registry errors that degrade perfomance and cause error messages and/or crashes. The Boot time (start-up) is profoundly affected by a clogged Registry slowing things down. By using a registry cleaner like Registry First Aid regularly, your system will not only be more stable but it will also help improve your system perfomance without expensive hardware upgrades.

As a pioneer in registry repair and maintenance for more than ten years, Registry First Aid, developed by Rose City Software, has a long track record of finding more problems than any other registry repair program on the market. Don't be fooled by the dozens of new registry repair programs you find when searching the Internet. It takes years of fine tuning like Registry First Aid has. You won't find this in clones created for companies that throw together a quick registry program just because they have seen the success of Registry First Aid.

Click to see a full page Registry First Aid awards and links
You can make something that looks like a registry repair tool, but you cannot copy the complex and time tested inner workings of a program like Registry First Aid. Download it and use our FREE trial now... see for yourself!

Before Using Registry First Aid
This comparison shows how a computer slows down after accumulating old, unwanted junk in the registry opening your computer for serious problems as it grows.

After Using Registry First Aid
Weekly use of Registry First Aid completely eliminates poor performance.


"Of all the registry tools I've had, none can compare with your software. I really wouldn't want to be
without it. It keeps my computer running like new! Great value for money."
Don Brummie

"During my 25 years as a computer professional Registry First Aid is one of the few 'no nonsense tools' I've been using. That is, it does exactly what it's supposed to do - without any need for additional parameters or knowledge. Hence, the term 'no nonsense tool'. I'm going to recommend this program to my associates, customers and friends.".
Geir Strom Pedersen, Project Management Graduated Engineer

Click to see a full size screenshot of Registry First Aid.
Click to see a full size screenshot of Registry First Aid.
Click to see a full size screenshot of Registry First Aid.
Click to see a full size screenshot of Registry First Aid.


Time Tested

Registry First Aid, developed by Rose City Software, is one if the first registry repair tools available and with years of fine tuning has evolved into a world class program to keep your computer tuned for high performance.

Easy and Fast to Use
We listen to our users... With Registry First Aid, you have an easy to use step by step interface design that has been fine tuned with input from hundreds of thousands of users making it very effortless to use. Speed is essential with our high-performance detection algorithm that quickly identifies missing and invalid references in your Windows registry selecting them for correction or deletion.

Safe for Beginners
By flagging problems in the registry with the green, yellow and red safety levels, you know which problems you can easily correct yourself. You will find that the clones such as the ?one click fix? models and others will just plow through the registry and delete many required entries. Don't let that happen to you!

Experience always improves performance, and Registry First Aid has that with years of experience in detecting and correcting problems. In side by side comparisons, Registry First Aid has always found more problems than the competition.

Complete Built-in Backup System
Before running, Registry First Aid will make a Restore Point or backup of your registry. When the registry corrections are made, a complete backup of all changes made is save and you can restore the registry to the way it was before you started as well as individual registry entries in case of a problem. This is another feature not found in many of the new programs on the registry repair scene.


What's new:

Legend: (+) a feature is added
(*) a feature is improved/changed
(-) a bug is fixed

New in version 9.3.0

+ improvements in checking scanned registry keys for exclusions;
* smart "Add Excluded Registry Key" dialog: detect root key and cut it from path, replace with it any root key chosen from the dialog;
+ count scanned keys/dirs and show the number on the status bar - it helps to see if the program still working while the progress bar is not moving;
+ verify modified registry keys and detect those that were not corrected, option to save them in a text file;
+ Restore From .Reg Backup Files: expand contents of .reg files to second level;
+ Restore From .Reg Backup Files: now it is possible to switch view between "plain" and "full" tree view;
+ Restore From .Reg Backup Files: show selected key path in status bar;
+ Restore From .Reg Backup Files: new pop-up menu commands: "View as full tree"; "Copy key path to clipboard";
- bug: incorrect string length was shown in entries with invalid data size;
- bug: it was possible to make the filter dialog completely invisible using transparent value options;
- bug: it was possible to ocassionally hide the "backup" panel by moving the splitter to the bottom;
- bug: the "results" panel may be hidden if the "backup" panel is at max height and the program window is resized to min;

New in version 9.2.0

+ Windows 8.1 compatibility;
+ RFA Registry Search: replace function is added: option to replace found strings with user entered values;
+ "create_bugreport.bat" file is added into the program folder to simplify manual bug-report creation;
* some language updates;
* default value of "Show Scanned Path in Status Bar" is changed to OFF - this increases disk scan speed on SSD drives;
* Full Backup Restore screen: synchronize setting check marks with backup selection;
* do not add icon to Start Menu group folder;
+ Filter dialog now have option to change it's transparency;
+ command line parameter "/fullscreen" to open the program at full screen;
+ restore maximized/normal window state on starting;
* on first error appearance show a message to reproduce the error in order to create a full bug-report, on next exception show "open bug-report?" dialog;
* Registry Snapshots: avoid errors on clicking buttons when saving long undo/redo .reg files;
+ error handling for loading/saving colors from settings; no error on loading colors from read-only files;
- bug with casual deleting registration information from settings if it was entered on a first program start;

New in version 9.1.0

+ support of Windows 2008;
* do not show the help message if automatic scan was started;
* language files were updated;
* create restore point only once per day, not in every session run;
+ show total size of registry hives available for Full Backup;
- bugfix: last full backup date was not loaded and cleared on exit if the program started with parameter "/autoscan";
- bugfix: incorrect sorting registry hives to defragment by clicking on column caption;
- bugfix: size of total registry bytes saved from last defragment was not remembered;

New in version 9.0.0

+ many interface changes;
+ Windows 8 compatibility;
+ new error category "Invalid Uninstall records";
* registry scan is now much faster;
+ some basic adaptation to touchscreens;
+ support of multi-monitor configurations;
* fast "open in RegEdit" functions;
+ close filter and legend forms on Escape key press;
+ new "Item Menu" button near the "Filter" button to access mouse pop-up menu items on touchscreens;
* button caption changed from "Back" to "Reset Results" after registry search to avoid confusion;
+ show paths to scan for corrections before registry scan, show "Configure" button to open the Settings dialog;
+ Registry Manage: refresh the lists on F5 key press;
+ Registry Compress: show summary sizes of used and saved registry files;
- Advanced Settings: color example interface errors are fixed;
+ Advanced Settings: option to hide statistics at the Home screen is added;
+ Advanced Settings: multiselection is added to the excluded strings, paths to scan for corrections and excluded paths lists;
* help file is updated;
* home screen adoptations for displays with large fonts;
* setup: ask to delete settings and user exclusions on uninstall;
- bugfix: full backup creation could not be canceled;
+ some language files updated;
- known bugs are fixed;

Upgrade, Lost Registration Code & Support:

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Version 9.x is a free upgrade for registered users that purchased after July 15, 2012. Just download from one of the download links above and install right over your previous installation. Then click here to have your new version 9.x code emailed to you.

Lost your registration information? Or want to see if you qualify for a free or 40% off upgrade to v.9.x? If so click here.

Need help entering your registration code to complete the registration of Registry First Aid? CLICK HERE.

For Registry First Aid Technical Support, visit our SUPPORT PAGE.

Purchase Registry First Aid:

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Register Registry First Aid online with your credit card for just $27.95 with a 30 Day money-back guarantee. (other purchase options also listed).

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Download a free trial of Registry First Aid now!   Purchase online now with a credit card and get instant delivery!

  *Trial version only fixes 19 errors per run.


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